Entry: 220510 Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just another random post...

Being a jobless young lady, I woke up late as usual.

He picked me up at 9.30 then off we went to Mei Baru. Mei Baru is a 'warung' where you can eat lontong sayur, nasi gurih, and the very special KUE BOONG. I really wanted to eat Kue Boong, that's why we decided to have breakfast there.

Ruby Fonna and Andri Irvan, our friends, came by. The girl wanted to ask me about ADS thingies, she planned to apply this year. Lucu de, I suddenly become the ADS consultant.. berangkat juga belom padahal. Uh well, it was a sharing really... she's already very eligible. She doesn't really need to worry too much actually. 

Then... we went to doorsmeer... I don't exactly know where the word came from, but I've been told that it is a Dutch word. Whatever... people in Aceh use the word to mention a car wash place. *ughhh, let me google...

Doorsmeer is a Dutch word but the Dutch never use it as a noun but as a verb, i.e. doorsmeren means to lubricate. 

Haha.. to lubricate your car??

We walked from doorsmeer to Getz Laundry, our business to generate some income Smile. Yes... Getz Laundry is a month old now. We're pretty happy with the improvement, as Getz generates 15kgs (in average) of clothes per day now. We need to do more promotion nih... the target is the average of 30kgs next month. Then more and more and more... Amien...

My insurance agent came at noon. I'm not going to use the insurance while I'm away so I decided to lower my premium. I changed it to PruMed as well so I can do double claim... hehe...

My agent has a new car. Beuuhh, gila yaaa... insurance agent has become a very promising job de. I told my boyfriend if we probably should also try to be an agent... but he prefers real business like running a Laundromat or tempat les melukis, hehe... amien...

We went home at 4. I am now at home browsing for some tips on what to pack plus listing some cheap available houses to rent in Melbourne.

Okay lah... it's almost maghrib now. I think I need a bath.



long john
June 14, 2010   12:51 AM PDT
hai tham..
meusyen hatee lagee meuketham..
June 15, 2010   08:42 PM PDT
hahahaha.... hatee meu bhak bhak bukon seumbarang...

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