Entry: Final weeks of semester *sigh* Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm bored... so I thought I write on this abandoned blog...

Hectic with uni-life these days...

I had presentation early this week on Tuesday for Land Use and Urban Design. We had to do urban design framework for a site here in Melbourne. I didn't have good mark at the initial stage of the assignment, but it motivated me... really. And yeahh... I am satisfied with the given presentation mark yesterday and hopefully good mark for the final UD framework booklet. The presentation is basically the concept of our UD framework, so... the mark shouldn't be that much different.. hehe... *wishing*. This subject is the most time-consuming for me. As I have no architecture background, DRAWING is big stuff for me. I usually do site-plan drawing on autocad, but I've never tried 3D. So, I spent like almost two weeks just to familiarize myself with sketch up and do the massing. I had a bit of urban design stuff at undergrade actually... but I was always playing the role as conceptor and there was always somebody who played the role of drawer. Well, that's team-working... right?? I'm a bit sorry for that now. Here in master level, group-work is so rare... lectures want us to do things all alone.

Just now... I finally finished doing paper for Economic Cities and Regions major assignment, which is due tomorrow. See how diligent I am... hahaha.. always finish on the last minute. I kinda afraid... this paper is worth 40%. Especially because I had good mark for my first paper, there is a pressure to do better. But I have little confidence this time... I discussed water privatisation in developing countries for my first paper, in which topic is already sexy... I guess. Now, for the second one... I am taking pro-position of parking fee hikes in Jakarta. I'm not sure if my arguments are strong enough... huhuhu... let's just see and pray.

Ouh about my position of parking fee hikes... yes, I am not against it. If you guys think Fauzi Bowo and the Transport Demand Management Institution who propose this idea are stupid... you'd probably think I am stupid also. But please don't judge all urban planners are stupid :D. If I have good mark for my paper, I'll post it here so people would understand why I'm into that. Pretty good policy I reckon, although obviously unpopular... especially for automobile users. Hey youuu... rich people with private mobility, hehe...

I still have to do paper works for other subjects. I take 4 subjects this semester... despite those two I mention, I have Planning Urban Sustainability (PUS) and Social Impact Assessment and Evaluation (SIAE).

PUS is actually interesting, but the highest mark I have for this is H2B (range of 70-75). I even have two H3 (60-70) papers for this... hehehe... bad, uh?? I probably don't really understand what my lecture wants for the paper. Because I personally think that I understand well the knowledge. Uhmm... so, no expectation in this subject. Just hope that it'll at least be an H3.. because if I only got P (Passed), ADS won't pay for my reunion fare...

Haa... just remember... PUS last essay due tuesday next week..... so, I better off now and start on doing the outline.

Ciao... wish me luck :)


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